Anna Myst – Face Sitting [smothering, face sitting]

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Feeling especially devious I make my slave stand before me and begin covering him in plastic wrap. I cover him from head to toe until he`s completely unable to move. I mock him for looking so ridiculous before commanding him to lay down on the couch. The plastic wrap has rendered him so useless I have to help him lay down and once I have him positioned properly I take a seat on his face. I plant my entire body weight on his face and smother him for failing to lick my pussy good enough. “You have to lick it better if you want to breathe,” I inform him. “You`re going to if you don`t lick good,” I say while slapping his face. Scared and unable to breathe he frantically licks my pussy while I sit atop his face and randomly smother him with my ass. I keep reminding him that he`ll unless he satisfies me in between hitting his dick hard. He`s definitely one scared slave!

Genres: Anna Myst, ass licking, face sitting, smothering

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