Anna Myst – Sitting on the face [face sitting, latex]

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Standing in my living room while wearing a crotchless latex outfit, I summon a slave and have him lay naked on the floor. “You`re my toy today,” I inform him as I take a seat on his chest. “Now lick my ass!” I demand. He wastes no time doing as I ask and begins cleaning my ass with his tongue while I sit atop his naked body. “Now lick my pussy!” I command and when he fails to satisfy me I smack his cock. “If you don`t lick me well I`ll have to step on your cock!” I threaten in between hitting his dick. I sit on his face, smother him with my ass, and continue torturing his penis while he struggles to breathe. “Lick it better and make your mistress cum,” I demand while I fuck his mouth.

Genres: Anna Myst, face sitting, latex, smothering

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