Asian Cruelty, Empress Kim Lee online, MY SAVAGE WHIPS OF FURY – WHIPPING [sadism, corporal punishment]

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I only enjoy looking at my slave when he is marked up so I freshen them up what a harsh torrent of steady whipping. When I hear the sound of my whip crack immediately followed by the screams and cries of my slave its like music to my ears, better than any classic symphony. I stop only to examine his broken body looking for areas of untouched flesh to focus on for my next series of strikes. I’m only really satisfied when he breaks down into tears and cries uncontrollably. Then I unleash my best work a final sequence of my most vicious whipping to utterly demolish his body and soul. Does he question the status of my ownership now? You be the judge.
Genres: Asian Cruelty, ASIAN GODDESS, BDSM, BEATDOWNS, bondage, bull whip, corporal punishment, Empress Kim Lee, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, Leather, leather whip, sadism, Single Tail, Single Tail Whip, slave training, Submissive Slave Training, torment, whipping

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