Asian Cruelty – ONLY PAIN AND SUFFERING. Starring Empress Jeun [Asian Cruelty, Empress Jeun]

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A series of sharply edged clamps, attached to lengths of chain, are used on his nipples, septum, ears, and more, to bring this
fool to heel. The razor sharp edges bite into his flesh like mini bear traps. The pain is excruciating, and it grows exponentially
with each passing second. For a little extra emphasis, I pull on his chains and laugh in his face, as he screams in agony. Does he
beg for mercy? Of course he does, but it wont be coming his way any time soon.
Genres: Asian Cruelty, ASIAN GODDESS, BDSM, bondage, corporal punishment, discipline, domination, Empress Jeun, FEMALE DOMINATION, NIPPLE CLAMPS, nipple play, nipple torment, Riding Crop, Submissive Slave Training, verbal humiliaton, whipping

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