Asian Cruelty – SEDUCED BY HER LEATHER, CONQUERED BY HER WHIP. Starring Goddess… [Submissive Slave Training, Asian Cruelty]

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Relentlessly I strike his back over and over again with the dreaded whip. He accepts my pain surprisingly we at first. But as the momentum and pain escalates, he like so many others before him, fall to my intense sadistic nature. The more he moans, the harder I strike. His tears run down his cheeks but only serve to fuel my passion and I am determined to break him completely. It is only a matter of time, as he is begging me for a reprieve. But there shall be none for this slave.
Genres: Asian Cruelty, ASIAN GODDESS, BDSM, bondage, boots, corporal punishment, domination, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Superiority, FEMDOM, Fetish, flogging, Goddess Kitsa Sakurai, HUMILIATION, Leather, slave training, Submissive Slave Training, whipping

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