ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – BOTTOM BREATHER! Starring Sherrie Blossom [ASIAN GODDESS, deprivation]

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When Mistress Sherrie Blossoms gourmet food delivery service fails to deliver the goods. She takes it upon herself to make sure that her utterly incompetent delivery boy gets what’s comin to him. It takes her no time at all to get the feeble minded loser stripped down to his pants! He’s so weak minded that he that he doesn’t even object! His face is quickly buried under her ass, mercilessly he is to take in the worst aromas that the human body has to offer! But this is a befitting punishment for such an imbecile! He doesn’t even deserve a breath of fresh air. He’s just too pathetic but his manhood deserves a good trouncing and Sherrie makes sure that he gets his tiny little man parts smashed before him to strip completely naked so that he can orally make love to her feet!
Genres: ASIAN GODDESS, Asian Mean Girls, ass smothering, ass worship, ball crushing, Ball Stomping, BRAT GIRLS, CBT, deprivation, face sitting, fem domme, FEMALE DOMINATION, foot worship, HUMILIATION, Sherrie Blossom, smothering, tease and denial, trampling
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