Astro Domina – A ROBBERS AFFAIR – Part 1 feat AstroDomina and D.Arclyte [taunting, Female Supremacy]

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Security my ass. Sydney is sharing the room with a bound and gagged security guy named D. She overpowered him and the jewelry buyer he was supposed to be protecting. The girl is already taken care of and Sydney takes her time with D. Besides, he still has a role to play. Sydney is waiting for Karlee, who is bringing valuable jewels to a meeting with a buyer in a secure location, where D is supposed to be her security. Sydney is a jewel thief and slave trader impersonating the jewel buyer. Sydney has already waylaid the real buyer elsewhere and left her tied up. Now Sydney has overpowered and tied up security guy D unbeknownst to Karlee. Karlee thinks Sydney is the real buyer. But before she meets with Karlee (in scene 2), Sydney spends a good amount of time teasing and taunting D, playing with his dick, changing outfits in front of him and making sure he’ll be bound and gagged for the duration of the proceedings.
Genres: ASIAN GODDESS, ASIAN PRINCESS, Astro Domina, AstroDomina, bondage, CFNM, cleave gag, d.arclyte, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, FEMDOM, gag talk, GROPING, PANTY STUFFING, ROPE BONDAGE, taunting, tease and denial

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