Astro Domina (ASS FETISH) Tinder Ass Smash [ASIAN PRINCESS, ass humiliation]

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Tinder turns out to be one of the best ways I have found to find new subs. It’s full of desperate men looking for attention. Once I get my hooks into them, you’ll find yourself in my stable. Sydney was on her first Tinder date when he told her he wanted her to “get in her arse”. He’s about to fulfill his wish. He didn’t know that she saw him as a complete idiot and wanted to teach him a lesson. He will pay for his rudeness and disrespectfulness. He finds himself with his head pressed against her stomach, bound to it by a harness, unable move and barely breathing. He is blasted by his mother for being such a slug. She tells him that he won’t be going anywhere and will stay there with his face in her stomach until he can no longer take it anymore. He struggles and moans constantly, trapped in his asshole with no other options. This is his new life. Perhaps she will show him to his friends and take him back out with her sexy sex. This is a warning to all the rude, entitled Tinder boys. One asshole is better than another so don’t be a fool! You might end up with your face permanently stuck up in Sydney’s!
Genres: ASIAN GODDESS, ASIAN PRINCESS, ass humiliation, ass slavery, ass smash, ass smothering, ass worship, asshole worship, Astro Domina, breath play, FEMALE DOMINATION, GODDESS WORSHIP, payback, punishment, slave training, SQUASH/SMOTHER, STRUGGLING, teaching lesson, tinder date
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