AstroDomina – GAG ORDER feat AstroDomina, Lace Hart, Charlotte Sartre, Casey Calvert and Miss Forbid [ASIAN PRINCESS, casey calvert]

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Part 3: It’s take the slaves to market day. But before Sydney and Casey take their 3 subs to the slavers auction, it’s time to have some more fun with the slaves. And that means making sure they’re all tied up, bound and gagged. and before shipping them all off, the Dommes want to make sure Lance’s balls are empty. They don’t want him blowing a load later. Better safe than sorry. So they both go to town on his cock as the girls get to watch. Their butts are up next. After slave boy cums and gets put in the van, Sydney follows up on her belief that Casey is about to betray her. To make sure that’s not the case, Sydney overpowers Casey and gives her a good fucking as well before sending her off to the slavers too.
Genres: Anal, Anus, ASIAN GODDESS, ASIAN PRINCESS, ass, ass fucking, AstroDomina, bondage, casey calvert, charlotte sartre, DOUBLE DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, FEMDOM, FEMDOM SEX, Forbid, Lace Hart, lance hart, miss forbid, PEGGING, strap-on, Strapon
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