AstroDomina – PUNISHING INTERROGATION – Part 2. Starring AstroDomina [HUMILIATION, CBT]

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As Officer Sydney goes through a series of torture routines with Mike, she then reaches the conclusion that their captive is not going to sing anytime soon. Upon Estelle’s departure, Sydney goes hard on Mike’s balls with her black leather pointy boots. Mike’s balls could not take the rage of her boots! Officer Sydney grabs her split thumper and whacks his buttocks. The t0rture seems to become more fun for Officer Sydney. In the end, she puts Mike in a chastity device. She knows that Mike will offset the pain of his balls by jerking off and that’s not gonna happen.
Genres: ASIAN GODDESS, ASIAN PRINCESS, AstroDomina, ball abuse, ballbusting, CBT, chastity device, cock and ball torture, DOUBLE DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, FEMDOM, HUMILIATION, punishment, spanking

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