AstroDomina – WEAPON OF FACE DESTRUCTION feat. AstroDomina [PLASTIC FETISH, face sitting]

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Sydney has a session with her human furniture sub. He’s wrapped in plastic in laying down in the only position he’s good for. Face up, and ready to receive mass doses of ass, served up by Sydney herself. While she’s reading her magazine, Sydney assumes all sorts of positions on the loser’s face, each one offering him more weight and less oxygen. His only option is to take her full weight on his face. With no possible way to move any other parts of his body due to the plastic wrapping, his only hope is the occasional break to catch his breath.
Genres: ASIAN GODDESS, ASIAN PRINCESS, Ass Smother, ass smothering, ass worship, AstroDomina, bondage, Executrix, face sitting, Facesit, Facesitting, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, FEMDOM, Femdom 2018, plastic, PLASTIC FETISH, saran wrap, SMOTHER, smothering, wrapped

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