Ball Busting Beauties – Priming His Load 2. Starring Ayla Aysel [ballbusting, Barefoot]

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Ayla Aysel and her boyfriend want to have some kinky fun together and for them that means engaging in some ballbusting fun! Obediently standing with his legs spread, Ayla takes aim at her boyfriend’s nuts and begins to kick him with her sexy bare feet. Incredibly turned on by having his ball’s by his hot girlfriend, her boyfriend can’t help but get a massive erection. Taking notice of his obvious erection, Ayla has him strip out of his gym shorts so she can really feel his balls against her feet. Enduring as much as he can standing, Ayla’s strong kicks drop him to his knees. However he continues to push through the pain, knowing that with every blow his balls become more swollen and ready to cum a huge load. Not quite satisfied with how swollen they are yet, Ayla continues kicking him and laughing as she watches his hard dick bounce around! Finally, once his balls are ready to explode from either being kicked or being allowed to cum, she drags him off to the bedroom!
Genres: Ayla Aysel, Ball Busting Beauties, ballbusting, barefeet, Barefoot, busting, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, foot domination, FOREPLAY, Goddess, KICKING, kneeing, Legs, SHORT SHORTS, tease
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