Brat Princess 2 – Amber – Behind the Scenes Slave Use [BRAT GIRLS, 4k]

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Andy is an idiot. In this clip I find a way to profit from his idiocy. We were setting up for the next clip to use him in and he made me annoyed. I began to correct him with hard slaps to his face which he tried to block. Which is infuriating! I slapped him hard to teach him. I ordered him to the bathroom to lay down so I can piss down his throat. (This is not seen but it is heard.) He comes out complaining about his head and his stomach hurting. I add the tally mark to his arm. I make him pay be $100 for every time I use his mouth so the tally marks keep track. I cash him out daily. It gets in position, and I go to turn the camera on so I can beat him and I realize Andy left the camera on! Idiot. But the footage of our behind-the-scenes life will be interesting to my fans. The clip also has 4 Highlight clips! Enjoy!
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