Brat Princess 2 – Kendall – Makes an Old Man clean Shoes for her Birthday [foot domination, Kendall]

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Kendall’s birthday is this week and she’s super excited. She’ll probably go out to a club, of course be treated to dinner, maybe some shopping. Well, whatever she ends up doing, she’s going to need her shoes to be really clean. She makes an old man get down on his knees and lick the soles of her black Michael Kors sandals. This is her favorite pair of sandals and she’s worn them a lot. The soles are really dirty. He has to suck the heels, too. These are the shoes she wants to wear on her birthday, so they need to be really shiny. Kendall fucks the old man’s face with the heel of her sandal because it’s funny. She dreams of going to Paris with her boyfriend on the old man’s credit card. The old man will do just about anything for the hot girl. I mean, what else would he be doing with his life now that he’s probably, like, retired or something? Kendall models her birthday outfit as she asks, “If you were a man, would you fuck me in this outfit?” She walks around the kitchen. Now her shoes have to be cleaned again. Kendall tries to decide whether or not she’s going to let the desperate old man Worship her feet. She dangles her perfectly manicured foot in his face. “Look at that beautiful red nail polish. See my arches? Not everybody has arches like these.” To be continued. (10:30 long) Clip contains: Kendall, shoe worship, Brat, humiliation of an older man
Genres: Brat Princess 2, foot domination, foot licking, foot worship, Kendall

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