Bratty Foot Girls – Lose the Game, Smell the Feet. Starring Onyx and Mia [Onyx, jamie daniels]

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Who’s up for a game of cards!! Jamie Daniels, Addie Juniper and the Ninja are hanging out playing a few games of cards when Jamie comes up with a dastardly idea! Whoever loses the last game has to smell the smelly feet of the other two! Naturally she rigs it so poor Ninja loses the game. He agreed, so here comes the SWEATY SMELLY FEET of Jamie and Addie! They remove their dirty flip flops which really smell horrible, then they massage their stinky soles into his face and him to inhale them deeply! He can barely see or breathe anything else but their bratty cheesy feet aromas! They ask him what they smell like and continue to humiliate him non stop! It’s a fun clip and definitely a must have for smelly feet fans! All in HD ! *FOOT SMELLING* *FOOT HUMILIATION* *FOOT SMOTHER* *FOOT FETISH* *BRAT GIRLS* *HI DEF*
Genres: addie juniper, Bratty Foot Girls, Brunettes, card games, coeds, feet, FLIP FLOPS, foot domination, foot fetish, foot humiliation, foot slave, foot smelling, FOOT SMOTHER, GAMES, HUMILIATION, jamie daniels, Jason Ninja, Mia, nose pinching, Onyx, smelly feet, soles, stinky feet, TOES
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