Chronicles of Mlle Fanchette – Des pieds et des mains. Starring Mlle Fanchette [Chronicles of Mlle Fanchette, red nail polish]

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Mlle Fanchette has just finished a manicure and pedicure session and she wants to celebrate the beautiful results. And the best way to do that is by giving butler Boris a handjob. Dressed only in a spring dress she sits barefoot next to her butler on the couch. She starts feeling and grabbing his cock through his underwear while teasing him with the view of her perfect bare feet. After a while she takes his underwear off and proceeds with a sensual teasing handjob alternating slow strokes and light caresses driving him to a powerful ejaculation. Mlle Fanchette is satisfied.
Genres: Barefoot, Chronicles of Mlle Fanchette, CUMSHOTS, FEMDOM, foot fetish, HANDJOBS, Mlle Fanchette, red nail polish, TOENAIL POLISH

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