ClubDom – Pool Boys Balls get Busted. Starring Cheyenne Jewel and Goddess Amada… [Cheyenne Jewel, Goddess Amadahy]

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The pool boy is at the estate cleaning the pool. As the mistresses walk past they hear him make an inappropriate comment about what nice asses they have. Snide remarks like that deserve a lesson. Amadahy quickly pulls his pants down and grabs his balls showing him she’s in control and that she owns him. Cheyenne Jewel then flips him up around her shoulders and carries him out to the field. Cheyenne holds him steady as Amadahy proceeds to jump kick him right in the nuts. Ball busting at its best! Over and over, kick after kick, she wins as he stumbles to the ground. With victory they sit on top of him and scoop up his pathetic slut sacks as a reminder of who owns men! Cheyenne Jewel, Goddess Amadahy

Genres: Ball Busting, Cheyenne Jewel, ClubDom, Goddess Amadahy

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