Cruel City – Repeatedly Bringing You to the Edge [edging games, RUINED ORGASMS]

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Since you were such a good boy today, Anne might just let you cum. It`s not going to be easy for you, though! Laying between your legs, she takes your shaft in her delicate hand and gently lubes up your cock. She slowly begins stroking your dick, and you`re rock hard within seconds. She`s not surprised, considering how sexy she looks with her big, blue eyes gazing up at you. You can feel her warm breath on your dick as she continues giving you an amazing handjob. She repeatedly brings you to the edge of orgasm, driving you wild as your balls ache to cum. She picks up the pace, jerking you harder and faster but continuing to deny your orgasm. She takes you to the verge of cumming only to torment you by refusing to let you blow your load. When Anne finally lets you cum, she laughs maniacally as she ruins your orgasm by refusing to touch your cock! You shoot your mess all over your stomach while she watches and giggles uncontrollably. She`s so cruel!
Genres: cock tease, Cruel City, edging games, ORGASM CONTROL, RUINED ORGASMS

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