Cruel Punishments (CANING) Cruel Punishments from Lady Suzy Full Version. Starring Lady Suzy and Mistress Anette [electro, corporal punishment belt]

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This video contains all the parts of the “Cruelpunishments from Lady Suzy” series. Gas mask used to punish
Mistress Suzy leads her slave into the room, holding a collar around his neck and a leash at one end. The other end is in Suzy’s hand. The mask is a rubber gas mask that makes it hard for him to breathe. Suzy places his ankles in a wooden stock, and he must bend down and place his head on the ground. She uses her cane to gently stroke his shins. To make him more miserable, she sometimes puts her hand on the mask’s breathing tube.
Features: corporal punishment, spanking and hard caning.
2. A leather belt can be used to spank
Next, the slave will be punished with another ass and a thick leather belt. His mistress looks down at him and shouts at his failure. He must then lie down on the ground. He is being beaten with the leather belt, and she stands at his head. Black latex stockings with black heels, a black thong, and a black top are hers.
Features: Hard strapping, corporal punishment and spanking. Female domination
3.Kneeling slave’s bastinado
Mistress Suzy attaches her slave to the spanking benches, where he must kneel and remain motionless. He is tethered to her collar by Suzy, who sometimes pulls his neck with the metal chail. She uses her leather belt to make him feel more sensitive and swollen while he’s kneeling. He gets more punishment if he moves or attempts to take his feet from Suzy’s hit.
Features: bastinado, corporal punishment, female domination
4. The use of electric punishment
The slave is tied to the chair and sitting in an electric chair. Suzy arrives with a metal box in hand. She holds it in her hand and shows him the contents. It’s an old military telephone. She attaches it to her slave’s feet with wires. Then she begins to question him about the location of the phone she gave to him to charge it up. It went missing. He is motivated by some electricity from her phone and he gives her the right answers. It is very distressing and painful.
Features: electro , female domination
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