Crush Passion – kicked in the face. Starring Mistress Black Diamoond [HUMAN ASHTRAY, Crush Passion]

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Honestly, this clip was just me and Mistress Black Diamoond having some fun with one of our slaves at my Penthouse. Here you literally can see what we think about this human trash, so called slaves. We do with them whatever we want. This time we just wanted to kick this slaves stupid face in. We take turns kicking in his face for about 15 minutes.I love watching Mistress BlackDiamoond abusing this freak. Her attitude is so arrogant and the enjoyment she gets from humiliating her loser is quite clear., She cares nothing for the piece of garbage at her feet. content: facebusting, human ashtray, spitting ***1080p Full HD***

Genres: Crush Passion, FACEBUSTING, foot domination, HUMAN ASHTRAY, HUMILIATION, KICKING, Mistress Black Diamoond, smoking

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