Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Cameron Smothers Step-Brother with Her Ass [face sitting, smothering]

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Cameron makes her step-brother put his head on the stool in front of her vanity. She sits full weight on his face while she applies her makeup and enjoys a glass of wine. Billy is totally terrified of his step-sister. He can barely breathe underneath her ass, but is too afraid to speak up. Instead he squirms, searching for a breath. This really irritates Cameron. Her step-brother is making her uncomfortable. The veins in his forehead are bulging, but Cameron is the one who’s pissed. He is such a disappointment. He’s going to have to stay in chastity. Cameron says she was going to let him out, but now she won’t. If he doesn’t stop moving he’ll be in chastity another week. She’s so fed up she dismisses billy to go clean her apartment. At the end of this clip is a bonus montage of some other terrible things Cameron has done to her step-brother. (7:30 long) Clip contains: Cameron, human furniture, face sit, ass smother, Femdom, chastity, taboo themes
Genres: Cuckoldress Cameron, face sitting, smothering

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