Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Cuckold Cleans Ass While Kept in Tight Chastity until Marriage [ass licking, Cuckoldress Cameron]

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Cameron has her future husband in a chastity device. The device was a good starter size, but now it is way too loose. Cameron can almost fit a whole finger under the device’s ring. She switches the ring out for a tighter one. The device is now very uncomfortable. Cameron thinks this size is perfect. Cameron tells the cuck to get on his knees and lick her asshole. Cameron applies lip gloss while the cuck Worships her ass. She reminds the cuck that he is very lucky to have someone in his life to take control. Cameron decides the cuck will stay in chastity until after their wedding. The ceremony is almost six months away. Until then the cuck needs to focus all of his energy on making Cameron’s dream wedding as perfect as possible. (7:00 long) Clip contains: Cameron, chastity, cuckoldress tightens chastity device, ass worship, cuck licks ass while in chastity
Genres: ass licking, ass worship, cuckolding, Cuckoldress Cameron, smothering

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