Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – JI – Cuckold used as Toilet Paper Sink and Wastebasket [Chastity, Toilet Slavery]

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720 HD: Bitch, Marcello, kisses and licks Jenna Ivorys ass. He admits that he would love to fuck her, but his pathetic little manhood is all locked up. Marcello continues to kiss and lick Jennas perfect butt. She tells him to follow her to the bathroom. Jenna is going to use him as her human toilet paper. Marcello lies on the floor and waits for Jenna to pee into the toilet. She sits on the cuckolds face and uses him to clean her pussy. Jenna decides that shes going to brush her teeth and use Marcello as her human sink. She spits all of her toothpaste into the cuckolds mouth as she brushes. Jenna has Marcello swallow all of the used toothpaste. She rinses and spits all over his face. Jenna blows her nose and places her tissue in the cuckolds mouth. Now youve been my human toilet paper, my sink, and now my wastebasket. Jenna states. This clip also includes a bonus Cuckoldress Cameron teaser. (Note that the video is not censored in anyway) (10:01 long) Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, FEMALE DOMINATION, Chastity, Cuckolding, Ass Kissing, Ass Licking, Spitting, Toilet Humiliation, Human Furniture as wastebasket and sink
Genres: Chastity, cuckolding, Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends, FEMALE DOMINATION, Human Furniture, spitting, Toilet Slavery

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