Czech Soles – Hangover, sexy BIG feet and crazy foot worship [Barefoot, Czech Soles]

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What a party it was! As usual, a lot of people arrived and spent most of the evening at Jack’s but only him and one other girl did make it until the morning. Well, make it is quite a strong phrase…Jack is sleeping on his couch hugging a beer bottle and the girl is next to him and they are both so much hang over. When Jack wakes up he’s kinda confused and still pretty much but what he notices right away are feet of the girl. She’s barefoot and her feet are up on the couch right next to Jack and ho my got her feet are big! They look so sexy right now and Jack still being under influence a little bit he starts to smell them and kiss them. The girl wakes up too and she starts to laugh as it tickles her feet little bit. But otherwise she could not care less what Jack does with her feet right now. She too tired and hangover to care right now. Jack get’s turned on and when she does not mind why the hell he should not have his fun right? Being a good host and all…the girl surely deserves to have her feet worshiped and kissed and licked and Jack deserve it too. He loves BIG feet and these are still little bit smelly from the boots she was wearing earlier and they look sooo sooo sexy. This is gonna be a dream coming true for Jack.
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