DomNation – A SWEET GIFT OF AGONY! Starring Goddess Midnight [BEATDOWNS, DomNation]

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The Goddess feels a great sense of vindication as her cane whistles through the air, slicing its way downward before crashing into
her victim’s sensitive buttocks. She grabs and pulls at his collar, Jerking him around, feeling absolute salvation in the control
she has over this meager man. She envisions her boss and salivates as she seeks her vengeance. Ever cry and painful breath that
escapes him brings the Goddess closer to peace. Every strike a blow at the man that she detests and hates. Every throw a small
victory for the time being and a breath of relief that will ensure the Goddess a joyous evening and a peaceful slumber for the
Genres: ass beatings, BDSM, BEATDOWNS, caning, corporal caning, corporal punishment, DomNation, EXTREME DOMINATION, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Superiority, Female Supremacy, FEMDOM, Goddess Midnight, HUMILIATION, slave training, spanking, VERBAL HUMILIATION, whipping

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