DomNation – BREAKING DOWN YOUR MANHOOD. ONE HARSH SLAP AT A TIME! Starring Mistress Renee Trevi [ball abuse, DomNation]

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Renee wastes no time. She gets to work on his face straight away! She blasts his soft facial flesh with a flurry of hard slaps. Pummeling him from left to right. Her verbal assault is just as cruel her words cutting into him as cruelly as her hands. The Mistress has not yet had her fill. She still needs to make him feel the unique pain of being a man. And she could use a little stress relief as well. Her slave’s testicles are just hanging there, exposed, like tiny little punching bags. Why not make use of them and relieve some stress. Renee can’t help but beat on them for a while as she relishes in the agony of her helpless slave.
Genres: ball abuse, ballbusting, beaing, beatdown, BEATDOWNS, CBT, corporal punishment, DICK SLAPPING, DomNation, face beating, face slapping, FEMALE DOMINATION, Female Supremacy, HUMILIATION, Mistress Renee, Mistress Renee Trevi, seductive, sexy, slave training, VERBAL HUMILIATION, whipping

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