DomNation – CRAWL TO MY WHIP Starring Ms Renee Trevi [Ms Renee Trevi, DomNation]

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We are extremely happy to have Ms Renee Trevi from New York City join the DomNation store. This stunning, Russian-born Domina is as sadistic as she is seductive, as you will see from this, her very first clip. Watch for several new clips of Ms Trevi in the coming weeks. Crawling around on all fours like a mongrel, Ms Trevi’s slave is not allowed to stand upright, nor is he allowed to look up into his Mistress’ eyes. He must stay on the floor beneath her, crawl directly to her whip, and beg for the cruel beating he deserves for his impertinence. Strike after agonizing strike, he squirms around and humps the floor like a hound in heat, in a futile attempt to avoid the slashing pain of his owner’s whip. Ms Trevi is cold, cruel and calculating as she meters out his punishment. Mistress Renee Features: whipping, boot worship, BDSM, verbal humiliation, female domination

Genres: BDSM, corporal punishment, DomNation, latex, Ms Renee Trevi, whipping

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