DomNation – HUMAN PREY BELOW MY MERCILESS FEET. Starring Lady Cecelie [punishment, BEATDOWNS]

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Her slave is collared and leashed. He will never be more than an arm’s length away. He cannot escape the assault that Lady Cecelie rains upon his tender flesh. Her Short yet mighty leather whip thunderously crashing into him. Time after time her whip finds its mark and sends him screeching in agony! He never knows when or where its coming as Cecelies sadistic mind keeps changing the pace and tempo of her relentless barrage. He could pull away! Break free of the leash, but he knows that his reprieve will be short lived and his torment will double!
Genres: abuse, BEATDOWNS, Brutal, corporal punishment, cruel, domination, Dominatrix, DomNation, EXTREME DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, Lady Cecelie, pain, punishment, sadism, slave, suffering, whipping

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