DomNation – WHO NEEDS A PADDLE Starring Bossy Delilah [spanking, CBT]

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Delilah is ready to enjoy herself, her captive’s hands bound tightly above his head. His fear is evident in his perspiration and Delilah is drawn to it, she obliterates him with a heavy wooden paddle as he recoils in pain, his screams and attempts at flight only feed her zeal and make her more than eager to bring about more pain. Delilahs sadistic side has been fully awoken and she finds her favorite single tail whip. She whips him ferociously, and his woe is evident in his torturous screams and pleas for mercy! His skin is marked as the strikes tear into him and delilah salivates in sheer ecstasy at his peril

Genres: ass beating, BDSM, BEATDOWNS, bondage, Bossy Delilah, CBT, corporal punishment, discipline, DomNation, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, paddling, slave training, spanking, verbal abuse, whipping

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