EMPRESS JENNIFER – A Lick for a Nick [foot domination, boot licking]

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I have this new thing and its so much fun! Its a clever device that gives My slave a shock to his nuts every time I press this remote controlled button. you may have seen them sold in pet stores to train your pup, but I have a sneaky suspicion that most girls buy them to control their slaves. I mean, it’s like every hot girl has a slave now days, dont they? Anyway, I love to just kick back when Im bored and SHOCK THE FUCK OUT OF HIS BALLS. The anticipation of when I’m going to press the button drives My slave crazy, but I dont care. I just laughs at him and watch him suffer LOL. Then I come up with a game! OMG, Im so smart. I call it A Lick for a Nick; every time My slave wants to lick the bottom of My sexy heels, I nick him with the ball shocker! Hes so stupid! Haha, what kind of a loser loves licking shoes so much he is willing to have his balls shocked for it? God, what a shoe bitch! I have so much fun watching him suffer! I can do this all day… And who knows… maybe even tomorrow! FUCK- I can do this the rest of My life HAHA. XOXO-your EMPRESS
Genres: boot licking, boot worship, Empress Jennifer, foot domination, foot licking, foot worship

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