EMPRESS JENNIFER – Full Tilt Boogie – On My Slave [smasing balls, foot fetish]

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We’re doing it old school today! Yeah Baby! My money slave finally made good on his promise to buy Me a collection of vintage pinball machines and Im going to be knocking balls all night. Every time I top My high score, I do a little victory dance with My sharp heels on My slaves belly. Somehow My score always goes up when I play in My sexy high heels will standing on My slave. That is as long as he behaves himself. If he moves and I lose a ball, I swear to god Im taking one of his! And in the form of a ballbusting. I cant believe he’a already bitching out asking for mercy already. Im just getting started. I’m going to be busting the bumpers on these babies all night, and if My slave doesnt behave, Ill be busting his balls too LOL. XOXO-your EMPRESS
Genres: ball abuse, Empress Jennifer, foot domination, foot fetish, smasing balls, trampling

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