EMPRESS JENNIFER – K1dnapp1ng Gucci Part 1 [Empress Jennifer, K1dnapp1ng]

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you know those total creeps that find you on those internet dating sites? The kind of losers who think they’re good enough to date you? Lol The kind you wish would just vanish without a trace and never be heard from again? Yeah you know the ones. Well, think of Me as doing a public service for all the hot girls everywhere on the internet. I just happened to trap that type of guy today. Well actually, I got My slave to kidnap him and now Im going to torture him and make him My slave or maybe even a pet. This douchey dimwit is not fit for civilized society anyway, so the way I see it is: Im doing the world a favor. So anyway, I had My slave extract him from a meeting place which I planned out as I set up a fake internet dating profile named Stacy. He had no idea what was coming and Im going to spend the night breaking him down and building him up again as My pet. Now, first things first.. Im going to give this pussy boy the beatdown of his life with a fuck load of kicking and punching on all parts of his lame body. Rest assured nothing is off limits, LOL! The little bitch is going to be My little pet in no time HAHA! XOXO-your EMPRESS
Genres: Empress Jennifer, K1dnapp1ng, role play

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