EMPRESS JENNIFER – Tasting My Night Out [Empress Jennifer, foot domination]

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What the hell is wrong with My slave today? He has to know by now, that the only acceptable way to clean My shoes is to lick them clean with his tongue. I mean, I never let him out of the house, so how else is a loser like him ever going get to experience the night life after My date? Besides the only way to truly humiliate him is to make him lick My shoes clean after spending the night with a real man. Then after that I make him give Me a really good foot massage. My perfect feet, are really too good for him. So that why I drain his bank account by forcing him to pay for all the shopping I did today. OMG, that cute guy just text Me, I got to go. Keep rubbing foot bitch. XOXO-your EMPRESS
Genres: Asian Femdom, boot domination, boot licking, boot worship, Empress Jennifer, foot domination, foot licking, foot worship

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