EMPRESS JENNIFER – The Afterparty Whipping [Empress Jennifer, ASIAN GODDESS]

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So I had this wild party at My place last night, OMG things got so out of hand. The place is a total mess! My BFF of course just crashed here for the night. In the morning we woke up to the sound of My slave cleaning up the mess. Its funny cause sometimes I just want to whip My slave for fun, what can I say Im real bitch LOL. Its always good to keep a slave around just so I have something to abuse in case Im in the mood. So Me and My friend decided to record Me whipping My slave just for the hell of it. She’s never seen Me in action so I thought why not make a clip about it? Doing stuff with your friend is so much more fun HAHA. Is it the sound of the swish or the crank of the whip on his back that fills Me with so much joy? I may never know. Maybe I just dont like it when My slave heals up too much. Yes, I definitely like My slave to be in a constant state of suffering from My brutal lashings. I never want him to heal up lol If he is not always red and in pain, Im just not happy. My friend is also having such a good time watching Me beat My slave. Looks like the party just goes on and on! Ha XOXO-your EMPRESS
Genres: Asian Femdom, ASIAN GODDESS, BDSM, corporal punishment, Empress Jennifer, HUMILIATION, whipping

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