Extreme TOEtal FooTdom – Punishment = Beatdown. Starring Lady Velvet and Sorceress Morgana [Facesitting, BEATDOWNS]

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Lady Velvet and Sorceress Morgana are disappointed and pissed that slave Jah ruined their video by cumming prematurely and without permission! They take him outside so they can have free reign to deliver his punishment via BEATDOWN! They handcuff his hands behind his back then proceed to trample all over his body, kicking him repeatedly in the nuts that failed him before… they kick him in the face, stand and jump on his face, all the while not giving a care about his well-being. Butt-drops, throatstands, and lots of jumping…serves Jah right for his premature ejaculation!
Genres: BEATDOWNS, BUTT DROPS, extreme toetal foodom, Extreme TOEtal FooTdom, Facesitting, feet, FEMDOM, Fetish, foot fetish, footdom, INTERRACIAL, jah, Jumping, KICKING, Lady Velvet, Morgana Soles, scent, smothering, sorceress morgana, stink, THROATSTANDING, trampling
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