FEMALE CZECH DOMINATION – Merciless Whipping Part 1 [FEMALE CZECH DOMINATION, corporal punishment]

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Three Czech Mistressess and one loser. Hmm, it sounds very nice as a way of fun, doesn´t it? The three mistresses, Mistress Caramelle, Madam Simona and Mistress Lenny, are whipping the slave all over his body. They try to draw nice mercilless lines on his body. It is very painful and the slave swirls around in agony. Whipping, spanking and kneeling his balls, this all belongs to that nice game. The victim cannot escape because his hands are chained to the ceiling and therefore all his body is exposed to mistresses´ fun. Madam Simona is slapping him and other Mistresses are giving him a nice load of painful strokes. They want him to take as much pain as he can. There is very hard to take a breath because as soon as one stroke ends, the other one follows. Are you willing to be in his place??? HD version
Genres: BDSM, corporal punishment, FEMALE CZECH DOMINATION, whipping

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