FemmeFataleFilms – Carpet Slave. Starring Mistress Johanna [face slapping, VERBAL HUMILIATION]

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Mistress Johanna decides this slave needs to better understand his place in the scheme of things! His place as a lowly male means being beneath her dirty shoes and feet. He is worth nothing more than a dirty doormat for her to wipe her soles on, to dig her heels into and to crush beneath her. Once the shoes come off, she smothers his face with her hot sweaty feet, instructing him to inhale the pungent smell deep into his lungs. This is his life now… all focusing on his Mistress’s feet, shoes and well-being, his life matters no more than that.

Genres: face slapping, Femmefatalefilms, foot worship, HUMILIATION, KICKING, Mistress Johanna, trampling, VERBAL HUMILIATION

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