FemmeFataleFilms – Lace & Lick – Part 4 Starring Lady Victoria Valente [Lady Victoria Valente, boot licking]

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Featuring Lady Victoria Valente. Lady Victoria Valente has decided to wear her very special vintage lace up leather thigh boots, and with a slave on hand, he must do the lace work for her and do it perfectly! As she smokes her cigarette, she uses him as boot cleaner, spittoon and ashtray. These boots also seem to make Lady Valente especially cruel, as in between licking and sucking sessions, she slaps him senseless and uses the dagger like stiletto heels to tenderise his most sensitive parts.

Genres: boot domination, boot licking, boot worship, Femmefatalefilms, Lady Victoria Valente, Leather, LEATHER BOOTS

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