FemmeFataleFilms – Slave In Waiting – Part 1. Starring Lady Mephista [Femmefatalefilms, facepunching]

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When the guy turned up for a job interview, he could never have imagined the elite position he was really being interviewed for! He thought he was applying to be a waiter, but Lady Mephista was working from a very different agenda… She decided he may be useful as a new slave object for her and so began his training. Firstly he was made to wear a hood, to become a faceless being for her, then she roped him up to ensure absolute compliance. Testing for his suitabilty included heavy face slapping, spitting, foot and shoe worship… his new life and a more meaningful existence had begun…

Genres: cruel faceslap, FACEBUSTING, facepunch, facepunching, faceslapping, Femmefatalefilms, flipflop slapping, hard faceslap, Lady Mephista

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