Goddess Cheyenne, Opulent Fetish, Elegant Smoking [HUMAN ASHTRAY, glamour gown]

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Dressed in an evening gown and wearing expensive jewelry, Goddess Cheyenne is a vision of elegance as she relaxes after a long day of dominating her slaves, enjoying a glass of fine wine
and a cigarette. Of course Goddess has a slave mouth at the ready to serve as her ashtray. Goddess makes sure that her slave enjoys her cigarette too, blowing smoke in his face and using his
mouth as her personal ashtray as she smokes. Knowing what a great privilege it is to serve Goddess in any capacity, her slave eagerly suffers for her amusement.
Genres: Bondage Male, CLASSIC SMOKING, evening gown, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, glamour gown, glamour gowns, Goddess Cheyenne, Gown, HUMAN ASHTRAY, Opulent Fetish, smoking

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