House of Sinn – Hump My boots like a stupid mutt. Starring Mistress Roberta [Roberta, House of Sinn]

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Mistress Roberta has a new toy and She wants to play with him by making him hump her boots. She teases him and tells him how hes humping her like a mutt, amusing herself at his eagerness and humiliation. He’s made to try fucking her boots in different positions and between the sole and heel of her glamorous boots. Just when he begins to feel really good hes stopped by the sadistic Mistress. Will he receive his orgasm or be left unfulfilled? #1 in the “BOOT DOMINATION” category!

Genres: boot domination, FEMALE DOMINATION, House of Sinn, Leather, Mistress Roberta, Roberta, SHOE & BOOT WORSHIP, SHOEJOB, VERBAL HUMILIATION

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