Humiliation POV – Mømmy Wanted A Pretty Pink Princess Girl – Sissy Reprogramming. Starring Goddess Dommelia [small penis humiliation, Chastity]

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She wanted to tell you about the birds and the bees and how when you grow up your vagina will get filled up with big cocks. Hopefully big black cocks because that’s what mømmy likes too lol. Mømmy wanted all of those mømmy/dåughter bonding experiences because mømmy wanted a girl. Mømmy wanted a girl that she could put make-up on and show you how to be pretty. She wanted to the makeup store and have your makeup done so pretty. Mømmy wanted a pretty made up princess. She didn’t want an ugly boy and that’s why you’re never going to be boy again, are you? You are going to absorb my magic and transform. You are going to be a perfect little princess for mømmy. And after the initial easy transformation tactics that we’ve done today, then you’re going to really truly transform yourself. You’re going to get a big pair of bimbo tits installed, aren’t you? And then you’re going to have your cock removed, it’s what mømmy would have wanted. Get rid of your horrible dick and balls, mømmy didn’t want them. Mømmy wanted a girl. Don’t you feel like a girl? I want you to giggle like a cute girly little princess. Mømmy is going to so very proud of you.
Genres: Chastity, Feminization, Gender Transformation Fantasy, Goddess Dommelia, humiliation pov, MESMERIZE, Mommy Domme Fantasy, psychological domination, sissy, sissy fantasy, sissy training, small penis humiliation
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