Jerky Girls – Prostate Milking. Starring Miss Roberts [Online, FORCED MALE ORGASM]

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Miss roberts shows a class of young girls how to milk a prostate!! Do not miss this boys….it’s the scene of the year!!! Miss Roberts is teaching a class of young Girls how to perform a Prostate Massage. The Teacher calls in a Lab Rat, and walks the young Girls through the process step by step. Miss Roberts demonstrates the art of lubricating the asshole…and inserting the first finger “slowly”….and then progressing to a second finger. Miss Roberts shows the Girls how to apply pressure to the Prostate Gland, while stroking the erect penis. “This will cause a larger than normal ejaculation” She explains. The class watches in horror as Miss Roberts Milks the male’s prostate while Jerking an enormous…and lengthy cumshot out of him!! “Now…for homework Girls…. I want every one of you to go home tonight….and shove your finger up someone’s ass!!!!”
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