Media Impact Customs – Tilly in This Country is Fucked Bigger is Better edition [Tilly, city crush]

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Hey, I am interested in having a custom done similar to “Cali in These Cities are Fucked Bigger is better edition.” The plot is simple; it’s about a famous model who has discovered a potion to grow and plans to take over the world as she gets bigger. The first stage of her growth should see her bigger than all the buildings in a model city. Initially, the actress should be quite shocked and amazed as to her new size, taunting the people of the city, calling the people tiny. I believe the buildings should be relatively tall in comparison to the actress, potentially have one building of equal size. It would be even better if throughout she continuously compares her size to the buildings and her own body; dropping people and cars between her breasts and rubbing her body against buildings to pleasure her. After taunting the city she becomes tired of the people cowering and decides to destroy the city and decides to destroy the city. After the city is destroyed, she feels herself growing again, and soon enough, she is towering above a country, looking down at 6 more tiny cities (Use papers buildings for this, and this part is now like a MEGA video). Again, she taunts them, again comparing her now mega body to the buildings. This part should have a lot of comparisons before the crushing begins. Have the actress compare her breasts and ass to the buildings. Also have scenes where she crushes a couple of buildings in between her breasts, sits on a city after taunting it, and eating a city. The rest is up to you! In addition: – Plastic people would be fine, but can you also include plastic cars also
Genres: ass, booms, city crush, cleavage, crush, foot fetish, GIANTESS, Media Impact Customs, people crush, POV, shakes, Tilly, VORE
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