Mina Thorne – Slave Cream Pie. Starring Mistresses Lexi and Mina [Mina Thorne, mina]

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Mistresses Lexi and Mina take humiliation to a new level in this video. They tease the slave about his love for cock in his ass, then tell him they have something new planned for him – a slave cream pie. When the slave asks what that is, they just laugh and tell him he will know soon enough.
As Mina fucks their slave in the ass with a strapon, Lexi milks him, making him cum on his belly in no time. Lexi then scoops up the cum in a spoon and pours it down the hole in the speculum forcing his ass open. Lexi then fucks his ass with her strapon, laughing as she humiliates the slave about his own cum serving as lube for his asshole.
After giving him a good ass pounding, Lexi orders him to his knees, where the Mistresses spit on and humiliate him with no mercy. They tell the slave they are going to fuck him in the ass with his own cum again and again until he is a total ass faggot with no desire for pussy. They leave the poor slut locked in a cage until they wish to abuse him again.
Genres: FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION, Lexi, mina, Mina Thorne, strap-on

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