Mine to Toy With – Kino Payne and Elise Graves – Dressed in Leather Ballet Boots, Neck Corset and Muzzle, Kino Suffers Impact Play, Neck Play, and Plastic Bag Play [kino payne, Elise Graves Bondage Liberation]

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Some days I am simply feeling feisty. Today is one of them. I felt like dressing Kino in sexy leather bondage gear, in particular leather ballet boots, a corset, a leather neck corset and a face hugger – and so I did. After tying his arms, ankles and neck up with rope, I was ready for some energy exchange! Starting with a small, but very stingy crop, I began the work of matching Kino’s one bruised thigh to the other. As he cries out in pain, I grow excited and so I tease him by stroking his cock. What I really crave, however, is an intimate encounter with his complete helplessness. For this, I require the use of a plastic bag. I toy with Kino in securing the bag over his head longer than he wants. This is extremely exciting for me, which makes me want to do it more. Kino is, indeed, mine to toy with.
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