Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK – Words fail me [Miss Jessica Wood, Miss Jessica]

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Miss Jessica has asked Mike to come and see her. She is worried about a new girl starting with a rather large chest. She doesn’t want Mike calling her cheeky names and putting her off her work with his sexist attitude. Miss Jessica has known this has been a problem for a while, due to other comments in the office, so is going to sort it out for once and for all. So his trousers are coming down and he’s bent across the sideboard for a good caning. The first few strokes are with his pants up but then they come down for a bare bottom caning. If any of his usual antics he’ll be back for more.

Genres: caning, corporal punishment, domination, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMDOM, Miss Jessica, Miss Jessica Wood, Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK

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