Miss Noel Knight – Human Ashtray Session [Miss Noel Knight, HUMAN ASHTRAY]

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I have my slave for the day tied down tightly and stripped naked, ready for the to begin his session. He should be concentrating on pleasing me, but instead he’s complaining that he’s cold. In retaliation, I decide it’s time for a little smoke break. I make him breath in the thick billows of my smoke, and press the bright, hot cherry at the end of my cigarette against him face, tongue and nipples. He whimpers and whines, but obediently opens his mouth to receive my ash. Finally, I burn his sad little mouth with my slim, sexy cigarette and make him chew and swallow the buds. I’ll bet my little slave is all warmed up now… Video is HD 1280×720 WMV.
Genres: BDSM, bondage, CFNM, cigarette, DFNM, FEMDOM, HUMAN ASHTRAY, Miss Noel Knight, Mouth Fetish, smoking, tease and denial

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