Miss Suzanna Maxwell – A Brutal Interrogation [spitting, maxwell]

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Presenting to you …… The Correction Chronicles. A series of clips capturing the punishments and correctional therapies used on badly behaved slaves and rule breakers. In this episode two slaves have been brought in for questioning. A cum stained sock has been found in their quarters which can only mean one of them has an unauthorised release. Question is….. who was it? One of them is guilty, but breaking a confession out of them seems sadistically fun. I am joined by the devilish Miss Marks and sensational Mistress Inka. It is a leather, latex and PVC heaven as We are all dressed to the hilt in skin tight finery, thigh high boots and elbow length gloves. The slaves are bound to each other in the cold prison cell, already shaking with fear as We enter the chambers. We have but one aim, to make them crack and a confession and We shall do so by any means necessary. Circling them like vultures We taunt and tease our pathetic submissives as they shake on their stools. Intimidation, face slapping, spitting, scratching, humiliation, CBT …… just a few treats we have in store for theses whimpering perverts. We will find out the truth and no amount of tears will stop Us. Sweating and terrified the slaves start to break after a torrent of torment, the slaps become more vicious, the cock crushing more ferocious and the interrogation more intense. Will they give in? Will they break ? you will have to find out, won’t you!!!!!p
Genres: bondage, cohersion, cruel, face slapping, FEMALE DOMINATION, INTERROGATION, intimidation, maxwell, mean, miss, miss marks, Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Mistress Inka, PRISON PLAY, rope, sadistic, spitting, Submissive Slave Training, suzana, triple domme
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