Miss Suzanna Maxwell – a feast from My feet [chaste, slave]

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flash’s monthly milking is here however today I do not want to touch him with My hands. Instead he is made to worship and massage My precious toes in readiness for his destruction. he is laid on the floor where I can tower above him, he can conveniently peek up My dress when I allow it and subsequently torment his swollen appendage with My toes. I will milk him, dominate him, tease and destroy his orgasm with My feet. I expertly edge him into oblivion between My arches, I can feel him pulsating under My toes and when I decide, I will send him over the edge with a ruined orgasm. I rub My feet up and down his hard shaft, his body shaking, desperate for release. As he spills his hot sticky fluid and empties himself onto My sacred feet as commanded, I make him lick all his mess from them, one delicious toe at a time………….
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